Hardware Engineer

Hardware Engineer
Location: Beijing

Job Descriptions:
1. Participate in the hardware architecture design of ESL products and base stations.
2. Responsible for single board device selection and testing, machine digital and RF circuit design, peoposing layout and wiring requirements.
3. Responsible for organizing solution discussion of hardware problems, and supporting trial production.
4. Responsible for the output design documents, establishment and maintenance of the schematic library and BOM.

1. Bachelor's degree or higher in electrical engineering, communications, automation or a related field.
2. 3+ years of experience in hardware circuit design, preferably with experience in communication product design.
3. In-depth understanding of the digital processor and its peripheral devices,
4. familiar with the design principles and requirements of the RF circuit.
5. Proficiency in the use of Cadence EDA for hardware schematic design, understanding of PCB design flow and processing technology.
6. Proficiency in the use of test equipment such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, spectrum analyzers, etc..
7. Have experience in EMC, ESD design, and knowledge of DFT and DFM.
8. Have strong logical thinking and good communication skills.

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